Soft Touch Technology

Designed with high quality soft touch materials for a comfortable and luxury feel

Pull Free Air Cushion

Soft rubber pad with recessed pin lock technology to eliminate pulling of hair.

Smooth Polished Ball Tipped Pins

Creates super comfort on the scalp ideal for brushing out wet hair

Heat Resistant Bristles

A super heat resistant nylon that improves durability

Internal 4 Twist Wire Technology

Professional industry strength brushes minimise bristle loss.


Nano Silver

Antimicrobial protection coating for incredible shine and to help eliminate bacteria.

Ceramic Coated Aluminum Structure

Creates negatively charged ions helping to control and maintain healthy hair.

Smooth Polished Edge Bristles

Using the latest micro machining technology to smooth the bristle ends. Helps the brush hold the hair and is soft and kind to the scalp.


All Mi Salon Series Brushes are designed with a

light weight structure creating superb balance


Brushes are made with a high quality ceramic coated alloy which

retains incredible amounts of heat to help create superbly smooth

styles and allows fast drying times.

Pull Free

The Mi Salon Series Paddle Brush has a soft rubber pad

with pull free technology creating the perfect styling tool that is

amazingly gentle on the scalp.


Ceramic Barrel Brush

Ceramic Vent Brush

Paddle Brush